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Theories of Magneto Therapy



The Magnet Therapy is a trusted therapy and its therapeutic & curative properties are relatively result oriented. Till 10 years back the Magnet Therapy laws and theories as to how it works on the human body were fairly accepted by many as a doctrine. But a decade back a new (modern) theory emerged as to how Magnet Therapy works. To have a comprehensive idea about Magnet Therapy theories we would discuss and compare both the old and new theories.

The proponents of old theory advocate that the irons present in haemoglobin in the erythrocytes (red blood cells) are attracted by the Magnet instruments toward it and circulation of blood is improved when it is used in the body. This acceleration of blood circulation heals a disease.

This proposition of old theory was challenged by the moderns.

FIRST, the moderns held that the haemoglobin which is in a compound form inside our body cannot be attracted by the magnet as in the case of external irons. Thus the composition of iron present in our blood and the external ones are completely different.

SECOND, the moderns further said that if the irons in haemoglobin are attracted by the magnet when applied in the body then there will be a haematoma (a blood filled swelling) in that area of the body as all the blood consisting haemoglobin with irons will be attracted to that part. But when magnetic kit is used in the body nothing happens like that. Therefore this shows that magnet doesn’t attract the irons present in the haemoglobin.

THIRD, the moderns add that the cornea of the eyes doesn’t have the blood vessels and it collects oxygen from the atmospheric air and not from the haemoglobin. Then how here where there is no supply of blood the magnet works.

FOURTH, if haemoglobin helps in magnets action then in an anaemic patient, if the magnet is applied for joints pain, spondylosis or etc it will be less effective as there would be low percentage of haemoglobin to be attracted. But on contrary magnet gives encouraging results in these cases.
The Moderns thus raised such questions which makes a serious Magnet Therapy practitioner think about the therapy from a different perspective. They were critical regarding the haemoglobin based theory of magnet therapy.

As to the application of magnetic kits in the body the advocates of old theory have certain rules and regulations which were aging challenged by the modern ones.

They (old theorist) hold that the magnet has certain characteristics such as the North Pole of the magnet is cold and south–hot. They say North Pole should always be used in the right side of the body and South Pole in the left side. North Pole magnet is attributed to be used always superior of the body and South Pole inferior to it. Further they say that the persons using the magnet should face west because the body’s right is the North Pole and left is South Pole, thus when the body’s right is directed towards the north pole of the earth and left to the south then the face would be towards the west. Then they add that persons using magnetic kit should not be in direct contact with the earth (floor) as that will cause earthing and magnet will not work.

These guidelines and perspective of old theory raised severe reservations by the moderns.

These guidelines of old theories were challenged by the moderns on different grounds.

FIRST, the moderns stated that as per the molecular theory – each molecule of a magnetic substance is a potential magnet – thus if you break a magnet into a single molecular form then also it will remain to be a potential magnet. They say from this perspective it is absolutely insignificant whether a particular pole of magnet is used on right side or left side of the body. Any pole used on either side will give results and either of the poles of the magnets can be used at superior or inferior parts of the body.

SECOND, moderns argue that both the poles of the magnet have similar characteristics and North-cold and South-hot concept seems to be not scientifically correct.
Moderns continue in their statement that the earth is a huge magnet and the terrestrial magnetism of the earth flows from one direction to the other. The earth itself in a sense is a huge magnet thus it absolutely incorrect to say that by touching the earth (floor) while using the magnetic kit will cause earthing and demagnetization. And one can also use the magnet by facing any direction of the earth.

The Moderns thus dissected each tenets of the old theory and found it holds least scientific rationality. Then through exhaustive research the moderns went on to find as to how magnet therapy works in the body, through which medium it works, what it heals and many more.

The Moderns thereof presented their theory on the subject. Here without going in details we will only discuss the vital aspects of the modern theory. The moderns elucidate that there is the TERRESTRIAL MAGENTISM of the earth that flows from one direction to the other direction of the earth. In addition to this the HUMAN BODY also has its own MAGNETISM. This magnetism of the body is always in alliance with that of the earth terrestrial magnetism. Any de-alliance of the body magnetism with that of earth causes disease. And this is manifested in the sub-atomic layer of the physical body. (sub-atomic layer is one of the seven sub-layers of the Physical body of a human. The other six sub-layers are Solid, Liquid, Gas, Etheric, Super-etheric, and Atomic. The sub-atomic sub-layer is the sixth one from solid). For instance, if the body magnetism at stomach is de-alligned with that of the earth magnetism then this organ will have functional disorders (either hyper or hypo). Body magnetism at one or more than one part could be de-alligned and its effect will be functional disorder of those parts.

Modern opines that de-allignment of the body magnetism with that of the earth causes disorder or disease. And even disease can also cause disturbances in the body magnetism and de-allign it with that of the earth magnetism. While using external magnetic kit upon the de-alligned parts of the body it is corrected and gets alligned with that of the terrestrial magnetism of the earth.

They observe that instead of fixing magnetic kit at one part of the body for sometime, it should be ROTATED or REVOLVED in circular motion on and around the affected parts of the body. Magnet should be rotated for few minutes very slowly in circular motion without touching or rubbing in the body. This effort of application gives freedom to the de-alligned part of the body to get alligned more quickly with that of the terrestrial magnetism than used as in fixation methods.

Further, they went on to clarify that when magnet is rotated one inch above the surface of the affected part of the body one could feel some MAGNETIC ATTRACTIONS. This attraction is sometimes felt by both the patient and therapist. This attraction is because of the de-allignment of the magnetism of the affected part of the body. Once the de-allignment is corrected and the ailment is cured then the attraction ceases to be felt. This shows the ailment has been cured. So one through this attraction (if can be felt by one) can make diagnosis as well as prognosis which seem not to be possible in the methods of old theory.

In acute cases the ailment and its symptoms are relieved by the magnet therapy in a short span of time and attraction also simultaneously stops to be felt. But in chronic cases where the ailment is deep rooted it might take little longer time to be cured. One should always start with low potency (power) magnet and if required can gradually switch over to higher potency magnets. Initially it should be rotated for few seconds or minutes on the affected part of the body. Then as conducive the treatment duration can be increased to 10 to 20 minutes. Depending on the case one can apply magnet more than once a day.

Moderns say that if the magnet repels when it is rotated over the affected part then simply turn the magnet up-side down to the opposite Pole and use it again.

This attraction by the magnet application is usually felt more at the site of the root of the disease. Suppose one is having referred pain at the right shoulder due to hepatic (liver) disorder then the magnet attraction at the liver area would be more intense than at the shoulder. Treatment and cure of liver ailment would relieve the shoulder pain. Thus one should always go straight to the root of the ailment and treat accordingly.

The explanations and idea laid by the Moderns seem to open a new chapter in the realm of Magnet Therapy. The moderns have vividly analysed the Old Theory while portraying their own. The Modern concept looks to be scientifically logical and rational.


•    The Earth has Terrestrial Magnetism
•    The Human Body has also Magnetism
•    The Body Magnetism is always in alliance with the Terrestrial Magnetism
•    The ailment creates disorder of the Magnetic system acting through the body. And it could also be the other way round, i.e. disorder of the Magnetic system can also create ailment
•    An external Magnetic kit when rotated on the affected part helps to restore this alliance and the ailment is cured.