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Location of Point: This is just on the bulging of both the thumb pad and big toe. Point No 3 and 4 are in the same location. This is used in the following conditions.


For as long as the pineal gland has been known to exist, it has been attributed with numerous kinds of functions, including as the seat of the individuals’ soul.


The pineal gland is a very small endocrine gland situated in the brain. It is reddish grey in colour and measures about 10 cm in length. The shape is similar to a pine cone.


Functions of Pineal:
    Lot held the pineal gland to be vestigial (redundant) remnant of what was a third eye high in the in lower animals. Many physiologists believed with the idea that this gland is also a nonfunctional remnant, but there are others who have claimed for many years that it plays important roles in the control of sexual activities and reproduction, functions that still others said were nothing more than the fanciful imagination of some physiologists.

But now, after many years of dispute, it looks as though the sex advocates might have won the dispute, and that the pineal gland does indeed play an important regulatory role in sexual and reproductive function.

The pineal gland secretes a hormone called mealatonin, the secretion of which is controlled by the amount of light seen by the eyes each day. Firstly this hormone helps in coordination of the circadian (occurring in approximately 24-hour periods) and diurnal (recurring every day) rhythms. Circadian cycle is the key in regulating the secretions of melatonin. Secondly it slows down the growth and development of the sex organs before puberty.



Swelling of body

Regulation of sexual and reproductive organs

Coordination of circadian and diurnal rhythms

To reduce blood urea

Control of blood pressure











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