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POINT # 37


Location of Point: This Point No. 37 is found only on the left side of hand and foot. In hand this Point is one finger width below the point No. 36. In foot this Point is 1.5 fingers width below the point No. 36. This point is very effective in the disorders mentioned herein.


The oval shaped spleen is largest of the lymphatic organs found on the left side of the abdomen.


Functions of Spleen:

•    The white pulp of spleen is involved with the immune function of the body. Spleen is concerned with producing lymphocytes, which is a type of white blood cells. So, spleen is an integral part of the human immune system, as the lymphocytes are responsible for producing antibodies to fight against the antigens – foreign invaders. Antibodies are mainly associated with the destruction of the bacteria, virus or any other micro organisms or germs that can cause several diseases. The red pulp of the spleen on the other hand, is concerned with looking after the filtration activities, i.e. removing the old or damaged red blood cells from the body. It is also responsible for acting as a reservoir of blood to be supplied in time of emergencies like hemorrhagic shock or excess loss of blood due to cuts or injury. By acting as a filter, spleen recognizes as well as removes the old, damaged and malformed red blood cells from the body.

•    Another important feature about the function of the spleen is that while filtering the blood, i.e. while destroying the old red blood cells, it saves some important components like iron from them. Iron is stored in the spleen as bilirubin and ferritin. Iron preserved in this way is then transported to the bone marrow, for reuse in synthesis hemoglobin.

•    Apart from these functions, spleen also stores monocytes, which is a type of leukocytes that help engulfing and digesting bacteria and other harmful microorganisms.


Case Study:

Point No. 37 and 16 is points that take care of the infection, inflammation and allergy of any kind found in the body. These two points along with other gives the preferred results.

a)    A child of 4 years was suffering from food and dust allergy. He literally survived with a very few types of foods and was confined to the four walls of his house. He didn’t venture outside for the fear of exposure to dust. All the pathological tests had been conducted with some test normal and in some there were some abnormalities. Even in the past he had been admitted in hospital few times in critical conditions due to respiratory complain aroused out of dust allergy and food allergy. This boy in a hopeless condition was then given Acupressure treatment. In his plan of treatment Point No 16 and 37 carried a vital role apart from other points such as Point No. 1, 5, 6, 8, 19, 20, 21, 23, 26, 27, 28, 29, 38 and 39. After few weeks of treatment his conditions improved and the treatment even continued for a period of time. Now the child is leading a healthy normal life. He is eating most of the foods and going out without the fear of dusts.

b)    An old lady of 65 years age suffered from acute osteoarthritis of knees and waist (lumbar spondylosis). She was mostly confined to her bed, was not able to neither bend her knees nor bend forward due to lesion in the waist. Squatting was a history for her and a horror in the present. Her affected parts were swollen, hot and red in colour. Those areas were quite tender and very painful in mobility or even during rest. Under this condition she started getting regular Acupressure treatment. After ten days of treatment the swelling over the affected parts started reducing along with the redness, heat and pain. No doubt pain was there but now it was bearable. After two or three months of regular treatment she started her normal day to day activities. Her treatment from daily basis was reduced to alternate day sessions. And from alternate day sessions it was brought down to twice and then once a week. Like this the treatment was withdrawn. Now she is able to squat and cuts vegetables sitting in the floor. She now says, more than she her Gods are happy because she is able to prostrate in front of her Gods.

The treatment points that were given to her are Point No. 2, 5, 8, 9, 15, 16, 17, 23, 26, 28, 29, 37 and 39. In addition to this the Point Nos. 11 to 14 and 24 only on the foot were pressed as these points are also related to Acupressure Meridianology points that are very helpful in knee disorder, back pain, leg pain, sciatica, hell pain and etc.

It has been observed that these two points i.e., 37 and 16 along with other concerned points provide good relief in all sort of allergies (skin, food and dust) and inflammations (joints, nerves, digestive, respiratory and reproductive tracts, in rheumatism and etc). This point enhances the body’s immune response to various adversities.



Enlargement of spleen

Destruction of red blood cells

Creations of white blood cells

Auto-immune disorders







Malaria fever

Under eye black spot

Control of serum uric cid

Increase of haemoglobin

Increase of white blood cells

Restore of skin colour

Respiratory disorders

If one sleepy after intake of meals

Black spots in the body

Abdominal pain


Dryness of face


Joints swelling

Joints pain

Tenderness of joints





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