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POINT # 35



Location of Point: This Point No. 35 is located just below the web in-between the middle and index fingers. In foot this is located below the web in between the 2th and 3th toes. This point is useful in the following conditions.


The eyes are the specialized organs of sight, designed to respond to light. Our eyes allow us to receive information from our surroundings by detecting patterns of light. This information is sent to our brain, which processes it so that it can be perceived as images.



Functions of Eye:

    The human eye works like a camera. Light entering the eye passes through the transparent cornea and cornea refracts (bends) the incoming light rays. The incoming right rays then pass through an aperture (the pupil) to reach the lens. Then it is the task of the lens to ‘fine tune’ the focusing of the rays so that the image falls accurately onto the retina – a light sensitive layer at the back of the eye. The optical quality and versatility of the eye are much better than any camera.

    The retina – the eye’s equivalent of camera film – is a light-sensitive membrane composed of nerve fibres and a pigmented light-sensitive membrane. It contains two kinds of light-sensitive cells: cones and rods.

Cones are sensitive to either red, green or blue light, and their signals enable the brain to interpret a colour image. They also give the eye acute vision.

    Rods are extremely sensitive to low light but cannot differentiate between colours, which is why objects appear to lose their colour at night. The rods and cones are linked to the brain by nerve cells which all pass out of the back of the eye via the optic nerve.

    To see objects clearly, the muscles of the eye must pull on the lens and focus light on the retina. If this process is faulty, or the lens or eye is in wrong shape, the image will appear blurred, and treatment, or even spectacles, will be required.




Sight disorder

Excess secretion of tears

Eye strain headache


Paralysis of the muscles of the eye

Redness of eyes


Itching of the eyes

Pain in the eyes





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