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POINT # 24



Location of Point: In hand this Point No. 24 is located on the inner side edge (of the palm), at the inner end of the upper sloping crease (line of heart in Astrology) of the palm. When you make a fist a ‘fold of red and white skin’ on the side of the inner side edge of the palm is formed at that location. In foot this point is at the outer side of the foot at the border of white and red skin and about 3 fingers below from the upper margin of the small toe. Pressure on this point can rectify the disorders indicated below.


The shoulder joint, is ball-and-socket joint which allows 360 degree of movement to give maximum flexibility. The construction of this joint allows the arm a wide range of movement.

Functions of Shoulder:

    The shoulder is multi-axial ball and socket joint, which allows movement in almost any direction. The arm (humerus) can be drawn forwards (flexed), drawn backwards (extended), elevated (adducted) and rotated (around its own axis).

Case Study:

    A lady of around 30 years old came with acute shoulder and scapular pain that radiates to the lower extremities of the upper limb. She said she is suffering for more than a week and is also getting physiotherapy treatment but in vain. She added that the pain has restricted her to perform her daily activities. After taking account of her case history she was treated. The points that were given instantly were 24, 7, 9 and 39. After giving pressure, when she was asked to find out how she is feeling, she said that neither the pain nor the tenderness is there any more. After putting pressure on these points few Meridianology Points such as Li – 1, 2, 11; TW – 2, 4, 5, 6, 8 and Si – 4, 5, & 8 were also pressed. This is also a case where in single sitting the patient got complete relief of her complaint.


Frozen shoulder

Stiffness of neck

Neck pain

Cervical spondylosis

Painful syndrome

Shoulder pain

Scapular pain

Arm pain

Elbow pain

Wrist pain

Trembling of hands

Upper back pain

Ankolysing spondylosis





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