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POINT # 22



Location of Point: This point is found only on the right hand and right foot. In right hand this Point No. 22 is located vertically above point No. 21 and little toward the outer edge the palm. On the right sole of the foot this point is located about 2 fingers width vertically above point No. 21 and little toward the outer edge of the sole. Pressure on this point can heal the diseases indicated below.

Gall bladder a small sac lying at the back of liver and it reserves bile’s produced by the liver. This small sac stores and concentrates bile prior to its release into the small intestine. It is a part of the biliary tract, a series of ducts that conveys and stores bile. Bile is produced by liver cells, then passes along the bile ducts, and is stored and concentrated in the gall bladder before being released into the initial part of the small intestine – duodenum. The gall bladder is joined to the bile duct by the cystic duct. The bile duct passes from the junction with the cystic duct down through the head of the pancreas to drain bile into the duodenum.


Functions of Gall Bladder:
•    Reservoir of bile

•    Secretion of mucus into the bile

•    Absorption of water so that it is 10 to 15 times more concentrated than liver bile.

•    Release of bile into duodenum



Gall bladder inflammation

Gall stone




Short temper



Debility of legs

Improvement of eyesight







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