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POINT # 16



Location of Point: In hand Point No. 16 is located 3 fingers width below the crease of wrist, between the two tendons. In foot it is located 4 fingers width vertically above the internal malleolus (the prominent and elevated lower end of the leg bone tibia) at the internal margin of the tibia. Use your finger and not any instruments to put pressure on this point. This point if pressed can cure the indicated diseases.


The lymphatic system consists of a network of lymph vessels and organs and specialized cells throughout the body. It is an essential part of the body’s defense against invading micro-organism. The lymphatic system is the lesser known part of the circulatory system and also termed as secondary circulatory system.


Constituents and functions of Lymphatic System:

Constituent parts of the lymphatic system: The lymphatic system is made up of a number of interrelated parts:

•    Lymph Nodes: lie along the routes of the lymphatic vessels and filter lymph. They are small and rounded in shape. Lymph from every part of the body returns to the bloodstream via a series of lymph nodes. The nodes pick up broken cells, bacteria and viruses and prevent these particles from creating any hazards.

•    Lymphatic Vessels: small capillaries leading to larger vessels that eventually drain lymph into the veins.

•    Lymphoid Cells (lymphocytes) – cells through which the body’s immune response is built.

•    Lymphoid Tissues and Organs – scattered throughout the body act as reservoirs for lymphoid cells and play an important role in immunity. The lymphoid organs and tissues are:

•    The Spleen – provides a site for the cells of the immune system to grow and monitor the blood for foreign or damaged cells.

•    The Thymus – a small gland which lies in the chest receives newly formed lymphocytes from the bone marrow, which mature into T-lymphocytes, an important group of lymphoid cells.

•    Lymphoid tissue of gastro-intestinal tract – the lymphoid tissue lying beneath the lining of the gut helps to protect against infection by organism entering through the mouth.


Case Study:

Point 16 along with 37 is very essential for treatments of skin, dust or food allergies, infection and inflammations of: joints, bronchioles (respiratory air pipes) and etc. For details refer chapter ‘Point 37 – Spleen’.



Any inflammation and infection

Swelling of lymph nodes

Pain in the back of the neck & knees

Pain from the waist to the knees

Swelling of joints

Joint pain



Pus in wounds

After effects of cancer



Thigh pain




Night fall

Auto-immune disorders


Enlargement of Spleen

Skin disease

Lymphatic obstruction

Any allergy

Urine infection









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