Odisha Swastha Seva Sangha

Acupressure Instruments



Usually in Acupressure you hardly need any instruments to treat yourself but those who cannot afford to treat themselves can use some Acupressure instruments to help them in their treatment. Orissa Swasthya Seva Sangh itself has been instrumental in developing lot of Acupressure instruments. These instruments are for sale at its office or at its various charitable treatment centres. You can place order online for these instruments.


Acu. Foot MAT/Sphurti Chakra (wooden)  
APPLICATION:  Walking twice a day for 5 minutes, on it stimulates Reflexology points located on the soles. Useful in waist pain, knee, pain, leg pain, Cold, gastritis, constipation, Cramps, oedema, Immune enhancement, High B.P., Rheumatism, Diabetes, etc. In other words, it acts like a tonic for general malaise.  
Hand Roller/Karela (wooden)  
APPLICATION: Rolling it, twice a day on palms, activates the pertinent Reflexology points. Useful in Neck Pain, Paralysis, Cold, Gastritis, Shoulder Pain, Hand Pain, Rheumatism, Diabetes, High B.P., Headache, etc.  
Jimmy (wooden)  
APPLICATION: Helpful in giving pressure on Reflexology Points located only on the Palms and soles.  
Foot Roller/Krupa Chakra (wooden)  
APPLICATION:Rolling of soles over it delivers similar result as that of Acu Foot Mat. It is portable and easy to carry during journey.  
Handle Roller (Wooden)  
APPLICATION: Rolling it over different parts of the body, relieves muscle aches, tiredness, activates circulation, etc.  

Drinking at least two glasses of water before using these instruments delivers better result.

Instruments can be used more than twice a day.