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Basic Acupressure and Magneto Therapy Course Sample Question


Basic Acupressure Reflexology & Magneto Therapy Course

Marks : 100                         Pass : 40% Above                        Time : 1.15 Hrs

A Locate any five points with Nos. in the given palm and foot outline chart Marks 2×5=10
1 Point No. 1  
2 Point No. 28  

Write two diseases which can be cured by giving pressure on each of the points mentioned below.(Answer any FIVE)

Marks 3×5=15
1 Point No. 1  
2. Point No. 14  

There are group of diseases mentioned below. You have to mention only one reflexology point for each group which can cure it.(Answer any five)

Marks  3×5=15
1 Pain in abdomen, Back Pain, Slip disc, Cervical spondylosis  
2 To eliminate toxins, disorders of urinary bladder, high blood pressure, Hiccup  
D Answer all by mentioning Yes or No.
1 Sciatic is the largest nerve of the body.  
2 Point No. 31 is Ear Nerve.  
E Fill in the blanks.
 Marks 1×5=15
1 _____ is the name of point No. 21.  
2 Point No.  _____ can cure afternoon headache.  
3 _____ and _____ are the two causes of slip disc.  
F Write the acupressure treatment points of any two diseases given below.
 Marks 5×2=10
1 Gastritis  
2 Asthma  
G Answer Any Two.   
1 Write the causes and Acupressure treatment points of Diabetes.  
2 Write serially all Acupressure points and there name and mention the digestive organs present in them.  
TOTAL : 100





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