Odisha Swastha Seva Sangha




              Some people subscribes a misconception that Acupressure works as long as you are getting the treatment and once you stop getting the treatment the disorder again resurfaces. As I said it’s a misconception, a myth and not a fact. The reason is when any one gets the treatment what Acupressure does is it brings back the disordered tissues / organs to its homeostasis state. So you feel better and gradually the treatment is withdrawn. Afterward the disorder may resurface again if you start doing all those activities that contribute in triggering the symptoms to reoccur. For example, you are suffering from any stomach disorder and through Acupressure treatment you start feeling better and then gets completely relieved. After being relieved of the complaint you again indulge in all those factors that would contribute in resurfacing the complaint, such as eating spicy food, irregular dietary habits, alcohol consumption, smoking, unnecessary fasting etc. So due to this act you will again face the problems. Your body is like vehicle which at times get upset. Acupressure or different treatment modes only rectifies the disorder of your vehicle. After it is being corrected it’s your duty as to how to drive your body. If you do not pay any attention to it, then again it will ask for the treatment. In this situation no treatment can have a durable solution. So to have a long standing solution you have to do the self management of your body. This can only happen when you can understand the function of your body parts and what it demands.