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              Acupressure Therapy, known to mankind since its inception is the simplest form of treatment in the field of health science. Acupressure was known to ancient India as Marma Chikitsha is an age old time tested ancient mode of treatment (therapy). Acupressure therapy, which treats both the mind and the body, is thus the simplest form of treatment procedure available to man.

              Acupressure is a very effective method of treatment and of self-help, if its points located on the palm and sole of the body are properly treated through stimulation. These points are the representatives of the organs of the body that reflect the condition of those organs. It may be said that the points are the mirror that reflects the image of the functioning of organs. The stimulation of points brings balance in the flow of Prana by eradicating any obstructions that blocks its flow.

              Acupressure points have both diagnostic and therapeutic potential. If you have a specific symptom – say, a headache – you may immediately know its exact cause from the tenderness of points and can also heal the same by treating (putting pressure) those same tender points.

              Acupressure therapy, which treats both the mind and the body, is the simplest form of treatment procedure available to man. One can easily learn it and treat himself or herself. This therapy can never hurt your purse as it costs absolutely nothing. It has no side effects and no medicines to use. Its simplicity has been its greatest disadvantage as simple pressure on point’s cures disease. This, for a lot of people, is unimaginable. But instances show adoption of therapy and its result have turned unimaginable into unbelievable.

              The science of Acupressure is the oldest therapy known to man. In ancient times the prevalent socio-economic and religious conditions pushed this age old time tested health science into a corner. For a long time it was regarded with scepticism and distrust. But the past one and half decade has witnessed some revolutionary changes in the realm of health science. In more recent times, however, it has had such great success that it has ceased to be an outsider and has taken its place within the framework of holistic therapy, where its respect and recognition is increasing day by day like a flame.

              Western medicine divides the human anatomy into categories and regards each diseased or malfunctioning part as separate from the whole. In Acupressure it is believed that we are built in one piece that is impossible to isolate a part without considering what effect it will have on the whole. It does not concentrate on the illness, but on the entire body – physical as well as mental. It believes all diseases come from the same source – as imbalance of Prana’s flow throughout the body.

              One thing has always remained a mystery to lot of people as to the history of acupressure, how it works in the body, role of Prana and lot more. The answers to these question hold in themselves the basic philosophy of acupressure, which has been discussed in this site.


Acupressure and Acupuncture:

              There are many people who carry the misconception that these two therapies are completely different from each other. As a matter of fact, both are identical except in the mode of application. Both are based on one philosophy, one law, one theory and same location of points. But in mode of application they differ from each other. In Acupuncture, the practitioner pierces needle into the point; whereas, in Acupressure, the practitioner just applies finger pressure on that same point. Both produce same therapeutic results, but at times Acupuncture may tend to produce certain reactions.

              There seem to be some unseemly controversy regarding which came first Acupressure or Acupuncture. These are baseless controversies as both are the same. In the pre-historic period when man first arrived he had been equipped with the points and unknowingly he was using them through pressure and massage. Gradually, the post stone age gave birth to series of discoveries one of which was metal. Those metals and even sharp stones were then used to pierce the points which in modern day we call Acupuncture.