Odisha Swastha Seva Sangha

Indian Customs and Acupressure



             Indian customs and tradition are very closely knitted with the therapeutic aspect of Acupressure and other natural remedies. The ornaments and jeweleries that the Indian women use before or after marriage and removal of a few of them after becoming widow are all related to Acupressure.


Few ornaments and their role in maintaining health.


Nose Ring (Nath, Nathuni, Naka Channa, Phula Gunna) :

             It has its own scientific advantages. It protects the woman from getting unconscious, prevents nasal infections while making her sense of smell stronger.


Toe Ring (Pada Padma, Jhuntia), Anklet (Malla, Moda Malla, Pauji, Pahuda, Balla) and Bangles (Chudi, Khadu) :

             The area where these ornaments are used have pressure points related to sexual and reproductive organs. These ornaments thus stimulate the points of sexual and reproductive organs located there. This act of stimulation keeps the organs in proper order. That is why these ornaments are used only after marriage and then removed if someone turns widow.


Armlet (Baju, Brata Pura, Ananta, Taita) and Waist Chain or Belt (Beechha, Chandra Haara) :

             These ornaments prevent tennis elbow and waist pain respectively. The ornament around the waist covers all the meridians that passes in front, on sides and at the back of the body. Similarly, the armlet also covers all the meridians that pass around the arm.


Vermilion (Bindi or Kumkum) :

             Traditionally, these were of red or a shade of maroon colour. These are used in between the eyebrows and on centre hair parting of the head. The positioning of the sindoor or bindi is important because it is an area where points related to reproductive organs are located. Hence the custom that only a married woman is allowed to use them and not an unmarried one or a widow.

             Even males used to wear ornaments such as bracelet and ear rings. There is a custom of thread ceremony where the lobe of the ears of a male is pricked. This custom is also connected to Acupressure.

             When a child is born, he/she is used to get massage. This massage is nothing but stimulation of the points on the body. When a child gets ill, simple massage of palm and sole cures him of illness.