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How Acupressure Works?



               You become ill when something disrupts the normal healthy working of your body. Why you become ill at any particular time is a question with multiple answers. In medical science diseases are known to be caused by a limited number of factors that may contribute your chance of becoming ill, are:

Genetic abnormalities
Microbes and parasites, e.g. viruses, bacteria, worms
Ionising radiation
Failure of control mechanism

               In some diseases more than one cause listed above is involved, while in others, no specific cause has been identified and these may be described as: essential, idiopathic or spontaneous. Most illness can occur at any age, but there are stages of life when people are vulnerable to particular types of illness or behave in away that make them more susceptible to being affected.

               Western medicine divides the human anatomy into different categories and regards each diseased or malfunctioning part as separate from the whole. In Acupressure it is believed that we are built in one piece that is impossible to isolate a part without considering what effect it will have on the whole. It does not concentrate on the illness, but on the entire body – physical as well as mental. It believes all disease come from the same source – as imbalance of Prana’s flow throughout the body.


How Acupressure works:

              The physical body for sustenance requires the vital energy. The food we eat, the air we breathe gives us the chemical energy, but it is the vital energy that keeps the body live. Under its presence the cells can use the nutrients and oxygen and all the different activities of the body can take place. The discontinuation or absence of this vital energy, which comes upon birth, leads to degeneration or death of the physical body.

              Indian ancient wisdom calls this vital energy as “PRANA”. In Chinese and Japanese it is addressed as CHI or KI respectively. The west calls it as BIO-ELECTRICITY, BIO-ENERGY, VITALITY or ENERGY.

              The physical body receives the “PRANA” or vitality from the sun. From the sun mainly three energies are received such as PRANA, KUNDALINI and FOHAT. The first one is related to health and the second one to the spiritual status of the man. Here we will discuss only Prana – the energy related to health and Acupressure. It is the factor that distinguishes between a living and non-living object.

               The Prana pours forth from the sun continuously in the form of a complex globule structure composed of seven colours. It is abundantly present in our sphere. The body for its survival receives the Prana. The Prana enters the body and gets distributed or circulated around each cell of the body. After its use it exits from the body. The various entry and exit points of Prana are the Acupressure points. Thus it is established that the Acupressure points, also known as foramina, are the points of opening for the entry and exit of Prana.

              Any disturbance or blockage in the distribution of Prana to a particular or group of tissues leads to disharmony or disorder of those tissues. Acupressure treatment, whose function is to maintain homeostasis, re-establishes the proper flow of the blocked Prana and thereby brings harmony in the body.


Why the points get tender?

           Suppose the organ stomach starts malfunctioning, then it indicates that the flow of Prana to that particular organ has been blocked or disturbed. The disordered state of the stomach is reflected in its corresponding Acupressure point No 27, by being tender and sensitive to any pressure (Acupressure). Thus, the reason for the tenderness of the points is the blockage of Prana to an organ and that being reflected in its respective point makes the point tender. So when the Prana distribution is blocked to any organ it suffers from disorders and the corresponding point of that organ gets sensitive. The disorder (disease) could be of various nature and type depending upon the intensity of the blockage of Prana.


How the points get tender?

            The physical body we see is actually made up of seven sub-layers.  The physical body’s seven sub-layers are grouped into two parts– the PHYSICAL BODY (Gross) with Solid, Liquid, and Gas within it and all the rest four sub-layers, i.e., Etheric, Super Etheric, Sub-Atomic and Atomic altogether are called the ETHERIC BODY.

             The Physical body and the Etheric body are fused with each other. They are uniformly synchronised with each other as one body. In a state of disease or disharmony both the parts get out of synch. Thus the two parts which are locked with each other get unlocked. This unlocking creates blockage in the flow of Prana. In normal condition, the Prana coming from the Sun flows through the etheric body and gets into the physical body through the different entry points for the distribution and exits in a similar fashion after being used. Thus through the etheric body Prana flows to the physical body for ultimate extensive and intensive distribution. But, in an unlocked condition, the entry and exit points of the etheric body are not in a synchronised state with the physical body. Thus the flow of Prana, from the Sun, through the etheric body cannot enter in or exit out of the physical body where the entry and exit points are out of synch with each other. This is the reason why the Acupressure points get tender. When pressure is applied at a disturbed point then that point demonstrates tenderness and subsequent treatment synchronises or locks the openings of etheric and physical body with each other.


How Acupressure heals a disease:

              After probing of points, the tender points are selected and are co-related with a disease. Thereafter, these selected tender points are treated by applying pressure on it. The pressure on the points should be in accordance with the patient’s resistance capacity. The pressure should not produce any undue harsh pain on the point. Rather, the pressure always should be very pleasant so that one can enjoy it.

              In a disease, when the affected organs/tissues are treated through the tender points for one or a series of sittings, it eradicates the blockage on the flow path of the Prana and stabilises its proper flow to the organs and tissues. Simultaneously, it synchronises the unlocked parts of the etheric and physical body, as it should be in a homeostatic or normal condition. Thus, through the treatment the unlocked etheric and physical bodies get locked with one another and thereby make the Prana to flow in a normal way.

              Acupressure does all this by taking etheric sub-layer as its medium of action. This is the layer through which Prana enters into the whole physical body. Acupressure treatment creates a vibration in that medium which simultaneously creates similar vibrations in all the rest of the sub-layers. In this way, the physical body is cured of the disease.

              Contrary to the belief, which is also a misconception, that Acupressure works through the Nerve or Blood Circulation, it actually works differently, as has been discussed.


How to Select Treatment points of a Disease?

              As it has been already discussed that the malfunctioning of any organ/tissue is known from the tenderness of points that are located on the surface of the body. Thus in a particular disease the point(s) of the affected organs/tissues found on the surface of the body will have tenderness. So it is imperative that one should probe and find out the tender points and treat the same until the disease is cured.


How will one know whether the disease is cured or not?

               Subsequent treatment of tender points restores normalcy in the affected organs and simultaneously results in disappearance of tenderness from the affected points. Thus the status of tenderness of points determines the recovery of the patient.


How Pressure is Applied on the Point?

               Pressure on the points located on surface of the hand and sole is applied with the use of thumb, blunt end of a pencil, or a pen. Many practitioners also use a mushroom shaped wooden instrument known as Jimmy to apply pressure. But only thumb is to be used to put pressure on the points located on all other points of the body other than palm and sole. Pressure is applied on the exact location of point and thereby the point tenderness if any is detected. If the point is tender then pressure is applied on it for a constant period of 10 to 15 seconds. If the point is not tender then it is left and other points are probed. Amount of pressure applied should be in accordance to one’s resistance power. While giving pressure, look at the patient eyes. Eye is the most sensitive part of the body that reacts (blinks) even to slightest pain. So by looking at eye you can determine and regulate the amount of pressure that has to be given on that point. You can have Acupressure treatment even twice or thrice a day depending on the type of disease and condition of the patient. Once you get relief don’t stop the treatment immediately, rather withdraw it gradually. For instance initially you are supposed to take regular treatments, and then after being relieved of the complaints treat yourself every alternate day. After a fortnight treat one or twice a week for next 15 days and then once a week for a month. By doing this you will able to observe yourself as to how the treatment has responded.