Odisha Swastha Seva Sangha

Advantages of Acupressure



              Acupressure Reflexology is a very simple mode of treatment. Any one who adopts Acupressure as a mode of treatment finds themselves with the following advantages:

Easy to learn: Acupressure Reflexology is very easy to learn as there are only 39 points located on the surface of the palm and sole and all you have to do is to find the tender points and treat the same by putting pressure on them. This act will treat and heal the ailments.


Any one can learn: Any one either literate or illiterate can learn it, as only you have to remember the location of points and treat them accordingly. But no doubt education, inquisitiveness and eagerness to learn can open door to further technical knowledge and effectual treatment.


Easy to diagnosis: As said earlier all the points have diagnostic as well as therapeutic properties. So when a point becomes tender its shows that its corresponding organ is having some disturbances. Hence tenderness of points helps in the diagnosis and treatment.


Easy to treat thyself & others: As it is easy to learn, you can treat thyself as well as your near and dear ones.


Self-dependency: As far as health is concerned you become self-dependent as Acupressure empowers you to treat yourself the common diseases.


No use of medicines: The procedure of Acupressure treatment is putting of pressure. So you don’t have to use any form of medicines. This, for a lot of people, is unimaginable. But instances show adoption of therapy and its result have turned unimaginable into unbelievable.


No side effects: There are no side effects in Acupressure therapy as you only put pressure and don’t use any form of medicines.


Zero cost treatments: This therapy never hurts your purse as it cost absolutely nothing.


Based on modern anatomy: This Acupressure Reflexology is based on modern anatomy which is described in the Points chapters.


Treats acute & chronic diseases: It has been proved that Acupressure effectively treats acute and chronic diseases in an efficient manner.


In some cases gives instant result: Acupressure in some cases (even in emergency) gives instant result.