Odisha Swastha Seva Sangha

Charitable Treatment


Orissa Swasthya Seva Sangh’s main objective is development and spreading of Acupressure and Magneto Therapy. It believes that for a health science to develop one need to have treatment centres where the therapy can be practiced and any newly found knowledge through research could be experimented. In that direction it has opened many Charitable Treatment Centres where hundreds of ailing patients get free of cost treatment from its honorary Therapists.

These Treatment Centres gives incredible opportunities to the newly trained Therapists to practice what they have been taught about Acupressure and Magnet Therapies. In these centres patients having different health problems and belonging to different medical categories comes for treatment. It has been found that patients get reasonably satisfactory results from Acupressure and Magneto Therapy treatment.   

Usually it has been observed that about 80% patients coming to Acupressure Centre’s consider Acupressure and Magneto Therapies as the last resort of finding an answer to their ailments. Thus most of the cases are quite challenging and the Therapists gets opportunity to test their knowledge.

Opening New Charitable Treatment Centres:
Any organization or individual can take initiative to open Charitable Acupressure and Magneto Therapy Treatment Centres. The following criteria are required to open and get affiliation as a Treatment Centre from Orissa Swasthya Seva Sangh (OSSS).

1.    The treatment should be given free of cost and therapists should not receive any gifts in cash or kinds.
2.    Minimum 5 persons are required to operate a Treatment Centre.
3.    These 5 persons must have got training from OSSS.
4.    Centre to be opened for at least 2 hours a day in the morning or evening or both.
5.    All days except Sunday the Centre has to remain opened.
6.    The Centre should run above the feelings of caste, creed, sex and religion.
7.    One should maintain Therapist and Patient register.
8.    Centre can sell Acupressure and Magneto Therapy instruments but all these are to be procured from OSSS office and to be sold at the price fixed by OSSS.
9.    The Centre and Therapists can get all the technical and educational support from OSSS.